Digital Marketing

How to sell your products or services using modern technologies and tools

What is the course about?


irst things first: we will start with the marketing 3 Ms – market, message, and media.

Market – who are you selling to?
Message – what are you saying to them?
Media – how are you getting that message across?

Next, we will explore the modern-day digital marketing media – social media pages, paid advertising, Google organic search – SEO, and CRM and email advertising.

You will learn to use Google Analytics and Search Console, and Facebook Insight to better understand your online presence. You will know why it is important to be registered in Google My Business.

You will get to know paid advertising essentials: how to write advertisements for Google Ads and Facebook Business. Most importantly, you will learn how to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.

The course includes open discussions, group exercises, presentations, and classroom material.

Who is the course for?


his course is particularly advantageous for people who already have some prior experience with digital marketing. However, it is also suitable for beginners, and no prior knowledge is required.

If you are seeking to start a professional digital marketing career or want to do your company’s marketing, this course will be a good starting point.

What does the course help achieve?


he course will help you put all the pieces together and establish a prominent online presence. A well functioning digital marketing system will help you generate leads and get clients for your business.

Information gained in this course is suitable for all types of businesses (digital product, physical product, service, etc.).

Digital Marketing course

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10:00 – 13:00


📑 12-hour classroom course
💻 Downloadable course materials
📊 Assignments
👥 Group discussions and exercises
📜 Certificate of completion

Venue: To be announced


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In this 12-hour course you will learn how to:


ind your ideal audience and reach them online;

📲 Understand SEO – a “complex concept” explained in simple terms;

📲 Know how to expertly use your social media pages to benefit your business;

📲 Drive consistent traffic to your website with SEO and turn them into paying customers;

📲 Set up and manage paid advertising on Facebook and Google;

📲 Use Google Analytics to guide your paid advertising decisions;

📲 Use Insights tool to inform you about your Facebook paid advertising;

📲 Write meta descriptions and paid ads.

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Download the agenda to see the brief description of topics

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