Selling Tours Online

How to effectively sell tours online: a step-by-step guide for tour companies and professionals

Selling Tours Online is a training course for tourism companies and professionals. In the digital era, things change too quickly. New skills are needed to be ahead of your competitors. This is true for most industries, but some industries require more rapid adjustments. Tourism is one of them.

Marketing of tours online requires knowledge of technology trends and some digital skills. Upgrade your skills in this 8-hour course based on interesting course material, group discussions, and individual and group exercises.

Selling tours onlinbe

This is an 8-hour course for tour agencies and professionals

It is also very relevant to hospitality businesses and professionals, such as hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, and entertainment businesses.

Here are some of the course topics:

  • What do you do to have successful profiles in TripAdvisor, and social media?
  • How to ask your customers to write reviews?
  • How to have an active social media presence and how to use it effectively for a tourism business?
  • What do you do to grow a successful tourism website and boost traffic to it?
  • How to deliver exciting tours and have happy returning customers?
  • How to use email marketing in a tourism business?
  • What is the role of systems and how they help your business grow?

The course format is flexible to fit the schedules of participants. The entrance fee per participant is AMD 15,000. An advance payment of at least 3,000 AMD is required to complete the registration. You can find the details for the bank transfer on the registration page.

Register for the course by clicking the button below. You can also register by writing to

To get a sense of what the course offers you and if it matches your professional interests, you can download sample course materials for free by clicking this blue button below.