Sales and Marketing for Small Hotels and B&Bs

For bed & breakfast, small guesthouse and hotel, and other accommodation businesses

Sales and Marketing for Small Hotels and B&Bs is a training course for accommodation businesses. As a small hotel or B&B, do you know who your guests are? Why are they coming to your place? What do they like, or what do they need?
Are you offering what your guests want?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you might be losing a big portion of your potential revenues. You can never estimate the number of potential guests who scrolled down over accommodation listings without even bothering to click on your listing!

This course allows you to have answers to these questions and offer exactly what your guests need and want.

Sales and marketing for small hotels and B&Bs

This is a 10-hour course for small hotels and guesthouses

This course is intended for B&Bs, small guesthouses and hotels, and other accommodation businesses. It presents a practical guide on how to increase occupancy and sales and achieve greater success. The topics include:

  • Who are your guests? Why are they coming to your B&B?
  • Are you selling what your ideal customer wants? Understand your guests’ needs and expectations.
  • How are you different from your competition? How exactly do you want to distinguish your hotel or B&B?
  • Your online presence: website, social media pages
  • Preparing your house for the guests
  • Systems and standards – “ the secret weapons of service”
  • How “online” has changed your guests

Learn these topics and more in our Sales and Marketing for B&Bs course.

The course format is flexible to fit the schedules of participants. The entrance fee per participant is AMD 20,000. An advance payment of at least 3,000 AMD is required to complete the registration. You can find the details for the bank transfer on the registration page.

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