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Our Marketing Services Help Your Business Grow

We create for your company

✒️ Websites and blog articles which help your website’s SEO
✒️ Attractive social media pages which will bring new followers for your business
✒️ Effective advertising on Facebook and Google which will bring new customers
✒️ Email campaigns which will help you be in touch with your customers
✒️ Marketing plan – a practical guide for your day-to-day marketing
✒️ Newsletters, letters, articles, ebooks, manuals, guides, videos, templates, and other marketing materials

We can create, and effectively implement all these things for your company.

Or Do IT Yourself - with the help of our classroom or online courses

🎓 Marketing
🎓 Digital Marketing
🎓 Social Media Marketing
🎓 Sales
🎓 Advertising
🎓 Customer Service Quality

Learn marketing skills effortlessly with our online classes. Learning online is convenient and effective. Please note that our online courses are only available in Armenian.

We also have individual consulting and training on the following topics

🔹 Marketing
🔹 Digital Marketing
🔹 Customer segmentation and targeting
🔹 Social media
🔹 Google Analytics
🔹 Paid advertising and other subjects.

Considering the current conditions we conduct the meetings with Google Meet video conferencing tool.


Our next training is on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course

Coming soon: Tuesday - Friday

10:00 - 13:00

Venue: To be announced