Practical marketing plans and campaigns for you business

How can we help with your company's marketing?


e help create the foundation – your marketing infrastructure. In other words, we help create a marketing system, that allows you to bring a stream of prospects into your business.

You will have a step-by-step practical guide – your marketing plan, which your team can use in everyday activities.

You will have effective small-budget marketing campaigns which we help create and implement.

You will have your teams trained to do the everyday activities and monitor your campaigns, and most importantly, measure the results, make changes and corrections based on the progress.

Finally, you can outsource your company’s marketing responsibility to our team, and we will develop your strategy and plan, and carry on your daily marketing activities on your behalf.

Consulting services

What kind of marketing "assets" can we create for you?


e help you segment your target markets and identify the most effective ways to reach your ideal customers.

You will have tailored messages for each of your market segments.

You will have a media plan and calendar for your company. We help you be effective in social media.

Based on your business objectives, we propose or make corrections to the structure and content of your website or, if necessary, help create a new site. You will have the content and metadata for your website or we will revise what you already have to make them more attractive to your market segments.

You will have your email database and your CRM linked to your website which will allow you to effectively manage your contacts and synchronize them with all your other marketing assets.

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